Handy(wo)man Services:

  • remodeling consultation
  • painting
  • hardware replacement/installation
  • tile work
  • furniture assembly
  • trim/baseboard work
  • wallboard repair
  • picture hanging/placement
  • storage installation/reconfiguration
  • deck/fence repair
  • front entry "makeover"
  • various other tasks/projects

DIY Home Improvement Coaching:

If you are someone who would like to be handier around your home, we are also passionate about empowering people to DIY. We can work alongside you as you acquire these skills. Or if you prefer, you can ease into it by watching us work and asking as many questions as you like. Think of us like your home repair and improvement coaches. Need to know what tools to buy? We can advise you on low cost ways to get started. Want to learn how to use certain tools? We can show you. Have an idea of a task you would like to know how to do? We will teach you. Teaching and coaching are in our blood (Erin is a former elementary teacher and current grad school instructor and we both have been coaching friends on home improvement for years).

Home Design Consulting:

Between the two of us, we have done many remodels and redecorating projects. While we have houses from different eras (1920s tudor and mid century modern), we understand how to refresh rooms and envision a new design in any home. When we see a space, we can imagine the design possibilities, no matter what the existing condition or layout is. We work with both indoor and outdoor spaces (Kelly has a background in landscape architecture). From deciding what paint color to use to reconfiguring a room to creating an Airbnb rental, we can help generate ideas, talk you through them and come up with a plan.

Sometimes a home just needs some fresh eyes and new ideas.

We can help!