About us

Home repair, improvement and remodeling are in our genes. We can thank our parents for that. They have always had an attraction to “fixer uppers.” The phrase “we’re going to the hardware store” was synonymous with “weekend” during our childhood. Our parents never met a project they didn’t think they could take on and that can-do attitude rubbed off on us. Between the two of us, we have over 20 years of experience in home improvement, repair and design. The thing is – we actually like it! Building a fence or painting a room on a Saturday is our way of relaxing and unwinding. How’s that for weird but true?

What we have come to realize is that this is not everybody’s idea of fun. Your weekends are precious and that list of stuff that needs to get done to maintain and improve your home is piling up. We can help. 

Erin & Kelly

Give us your list. We'll get it done.